We’ve gathered and organized all of the university’s safety resource here, because science is consuming enough.


When and how often to get training, where to get training, what training is required for your work, and what training is available.

External Resources

Links to helpful and engaging external resources to facilitate safety communication and to provide additional information.

Lab Safety Contacts

Resources for new Lab Safety Contacts (LSCs) transitioning into the role, along with resources that are commonly utilized by LSCs.

I’m looking for info on…

Waste Disposal

Forms, procedures, and contacts for disposal of hazardous, potentially infectious, and radioactive waste plus container disposal.

Chemical Spills

Forms, procedures, and contacts for responding to hazardous, potentially infectious, and radioactive spills, along with pre-emergency planning.

Ionizing Radiation

FAQs for authorization and approval procedures, order submission, shipping, borrowing, and exposure monitoring for radioactive materials along with forms and contacts.

Chemical Storage & Transport

Forms, procedures, and contacts for transferring and shipping hazardous, radioactive, and hazardous biological materials


Guides, Procedures and contacts for our fire emergency plan, evacuation routes, types of detectors, when and when not to fight a fire, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers.


Forms, procedures, and contacts for altering laser systems, appropriate PPE and exposure limits, eyewear inspection, and training requirements.

Ongoing Reaction Sheets

Simple log to be placed near fume hoods with information about ongoing or overnight reaction hazards.


Guides and contacts for conserving hearing, managing mechanical hazards, safeguarding requirements, and appropriate PPE.


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Helpful Contacts

Have a specific question but don’t know who to contact? The people below can often field your questions!

Chandra can generally field most specific safety questions, or help direct you to someone who can

Chandra Man Karki

Chemical Safety Officer, ORS

Bentley is the building and lab manager for GCIS. If you need to modify any of your lab (or office) spaces within GCIS, he’s the guy to chat with!


Bentley Wall

GCIS Building Manager, Chemistry

Michael is the building manager for Searle, Jones, and Kent. He also manages the Searle loading dock (the main chemistry loading dock).


Michael Reedy

Searle Building Manager, Chemistry

Matt is the ERC building manager, and also helps to run the PME’s glove recycling program. If you need to modify any of your spaces, get in touch!


Matthew Williams

ERC Building Manager, PME

Maurice is the ERC dock manager. He also helps to run the PME’s Kimberly-Clark glove recycling program. Get in touch if you have a shipment question!


Maurice Perry

ERC Dock Manager, PME

Philip is the technical manager on many of PME’s core facility instruments. He’s your guy if you have specific instrumentation questions!


Philip Griffin

Equipment Engineer, PME

Luigi manages the student machine shop, conducts training, and is always super helpful when it comes to your machining needs.

Luigi Mazzenga

Machine Shop Supervisor


What training do I need?

This is very specific to your lab, but in general everyone needs at least Lab 101 (in person 1st time). This course covers Chemical Hygiene and Fire Safety.

How do I appropriately complete laser training?

You need to take the online training course and you also need to fill out these forms! Most people forget that last part (:

Where can I check the status of my training?

Your training records, a list of available courses, and a list of your required courses with their due dates can be found on this EH&S portal.

Looking for Something More?

If you can’t find something that you’re looking for, let us know. We will either answer your question, direct you to someone who can, or find a way to implement a new program to solve your problem.